Thankful Photo Wall Display

Tis the season to eat, drink and be thankful! Create a festive thankful photo wall display with a few simple supplies and personalize it with your Brother P-touch Embellish! Make this project for Thanksgiving and take instant photos with your family to have memories that will last a lifetime!


Steps: Thankful Photo Wall Display


Step 1:

Flip frame over and attach the burlap and lace to the back of the frame using the hot glue gun.


Step 2:

Use the marker to mark where you want the twine pieces to go. Glue two pieces of twine equal distance apart on the back of the frame.


Step 3:

Flip the frame over and glue the “thankful” cut out on the burlap/lace.


Step 4:

Glue the leaves on each side of the “thankful” cut out.


Step 5:

Next, use the P-touch Embellish to print a pattern ribbon. Select your favorite pattern and print a 12-inch piece. Print one for each photo you want to hang.


Step 6:

Tie the ribbon in a bow around the mini fork.


Step 7:

Clip the clothespin to the fork. Repeat for each photo hanger. Fit the photo in the fork teeth and clothespin on the twine.


Step 8:

For the final personalized touch, use the P-touch Embellish to add the family name to the frame. Select your favorite frame on the P-touch Embellish and type your family name, select a font and print. Attach the ribbon to the frame with glue.

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