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For use with the P-touch CUBE.*


Home Screen OverviewΔ

  • 1. P-touch CUBE microsite
  • How-to videos, news and ways to stay in touch with Brother P-touch.
  • 2. Template categories
  • Tap each category to access label templates.
  • 3. Design your own label
  • Tap to create a custom label using a selection of fonts, symbols and frames.
  • 4. Home
  • Takes you to the home screen.
  • 5. Saved labels
  • Access your saved labels and print history. Save up to 30 labels.
  • 6. Settings
  • Access settings for your P-touch CUBE.
  • 7. Shop for supplies
  • Shop Brother Mall for genuine P-touch TZe tapes.
Create Your Own Label
Easy Step by Step
Start Here

Tap the Design your own label button on the home screen.

Add Text

Tap to add text. Choose your font, tap Done.
TIP: You can use the voice-to-text feature on your smartphone.

Add Symbol(s)

Tap your label, tap Text/Sym on the pop-up menu, select Symbol. View symbols by swiping OR tap the green arrow to see symbol categories. Tap a symbol, tap Done.

Move or Delete Symbol(s)

To move a symbol, select the symbol then tap the gray arrows on the pop-up menu. To delete, tap Delete.

Add a Frame

Tap Frame, view selections by swiping OR tap green arrow to see frame categories. Tap a frame, tap Done.

Save Custom Label - Optional

Save your custom label when you're finished so you can reuse it.

How-to Videos
Voice to Text 0:19
Creating Your Own Label 0:58
Chain Printing 0:37
Quick Tips

On the Go

Not near your P-touch CUBE? Create and save labels for easy printing later.

Multiple Users

Connect up to 10 users simultaneously when using Android™ mobile devices.

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